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Top 10 Engineering jobs in New Zealand

Same as other countries, the engineering field in New Zealand has the most demanded jobs. Normally, they all have the highest salary scales. If you are from an Asian country, this will be a good opportunity for you. Otherwise, if you are from a European or gulf region country, don’t stop reading this. Because of those opportunities are available for you too. In the past articles, we discussed why we need to apply for jobs in New Zealand. So if you didn’t read it yet, click here. Basically, in this article, we hope to discuss what are the top engineering jobs in New Zealand. And how you can apply for them. And this article has mentioned their relevant salary scales as well.

1. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering
Aerospace Engineering

Firstly, aerospace engineering or aircraft maintenance engineering is a well-demanded job opportunity in New Zealand. And it is a less competitive job with a high salary scale. But previous experience is highly required. And you need a valid degree from an aircraft engineering school or from an Air force training school in your country. Consider the following requirements before you apply :

  • Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or aircraft maintenance engineering.
  • Previous experience in the industry.
  • Work under pressure to meet deadlines.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Ability to work as a team player.
  • Understanding NZCAA rules.

On the other hand, companies are looking for New Zealand residents and applicants who have a valid working VISA. Therefore always improve your skills until anyone can not replace your value. Here are some aerospace engineering jobs in New Zealand. Always be positive!

Average salary per year : NZ$ 76,000

2. Automotive Engineering

Automotive engineering
Automotive Engineering

Do you have a relevant degree in automotive engineering or, do you have equivalent qualifications in the automotive industry? Then this will be a good opportunity for you. So that is a highly skill-based job. You will have to work hard. But that is also a much competitive job field. Following are some job requirements :

  • Degree in automotive engineering or equivalent qualifications.
  • Good Fault finding skills.
  • Ability to work with a team.

Find automotive engineering jobs in New Zealand from here.

Average salary per year : NZ$ 75,000

3. Electrical Engineering jobs in New Zealand

Electrical engineering
Electrical Engineering

Thirdly, electrical engineers are the most demanded employment category in New Zealand. They are the persons who work on power generation and heating electricity distribution. So it is a highly demanded job in New Zealand. But the companies are mostly looking for senior electrical engineers with more than five years of experience in the industry.

Following are a sample of requirements for electrical engineering jobs :

  • Sufficient experience in the relevant industry and the knowledge of working with high and low voltages.
  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.
  • Strong work ethics and communication skills.

Please note that these requirements can be changed, according to the company. But most will apply the same rules for applicants. And there is another most important thing that must mention here. That is, some companies give their priority to New Zealand citizens and residential applicants. If you are new to the industry and if you don’t have relevant experience in the industry, don’t give up. Just apply. Otherwise, who knows where your luck is!. Click here to find your opportunity.

Average salary per year : NZ$ 72,338

4. Environmental Engineering jobs in New Zealand

Environmental engineering
Environmental Engineering

The pay scale for an environmental engineer is higher. But the job offers are limited. Also, it is a less competitive job. However, applicants must need academic qualifications and also industrial experience. Here are some requirements :

  • A recognized degree in environmental engineering.
  • Previous experience in the industry.
  • Good knowledge of environmental management planning.
  • Coaching and supervising capabilities.
  • Knowledge in environmental auditing.
  • Good communication skills.

To find environmental engineering jobs in New Zealand, click here

Average salary per year : NZ$ 72,092

5. Software Engineering jobs in New Zealand

Software engineering
Software Engineering

Are you willing to move to New Zealand with a software engineering degree? Then you can easily apply for a working visa. Because the software engineering field is demanding in New Zealand. And it is also competitive. So the skills are the most considered part of software engineering. Assume that you have educational qualifications. But you don’t have industrial practice and skills. So there will be no use for your academic qualifications. That is a highly skill-based job. Also, the previous industrial experience is highly considering.

Here are some basic requirements for software engineering jobs :

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology.
  • Previous industrial experience. 
  • Good programming skills in JAVA, Python, C, C++, C#.
  • Database management knowledge.
  • Self-learning ability.
  • Ability to work on a timeline.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to work with a team.

Also, you have to get in touch with new technologies. Software engineering and computer engineering two fields are continuously updating. Programmers have to self learn those new technologies. Debugging skills are also needed to do the error correction of a code. And React, Angular Java Scripts are most used in software engineering nowadays.

It is not much difficult to obtaining a software engineering degree at present. Normally there are thousands of institutions. And the degree cost is also low. It is too much lower than medicine or other engineering degrees. Anyone can apply for a software engineering degree. They are asking for lower entry requirements.

If you are a school leaver, try to register for a software engineering degree program. Then after apply for a job visa in New Zealand. There are other fields. Network engineering, cybersecurity engineering, hardware engineering are also bonded with software engineering. Click here to find software engineering jobs in New Zealand.

Average salary per year : NZ$ 71,208

6. Civil Engineering jobs in New Zealand

Civil engineering
Civil Engineering

As a civil engineer in New Zealand, you can find a large variety of project works. Building construction, earthworks, and soil inspection are some basic tasks in civil engineering. That is also a highly demanded job. And I have noticed that the majority of civil engineers in New Zealand are from Asian countries. Following are some requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.
  • Previous experience in construction and industrial fields.
  • Good knowledge of soil characteristics and relevant earthworks.
  • Project management skills.
  • Cost estimation.

However, you have to work with a wide range of people in the field works. So good communication skills are highly considering during the interview processes. The ability to working with modern design and analytical software may be an added advantage for your career. Check the job list from here

Average salary per year : NZ$ 70,858

7. Agricultural Engineering jobs in New Zealand

Agricultural engineering
Agricultural Engineering

New Zealand is famous for dairy farming. But it has agricultural farming, also. You can find job opportunities with your qualifications and based on the experience. Previous experience in the agricultural field is highly considered. And you need to be an expert in agricultural machinery. The following will give you an understanding of the requirement of the job.

  • Ability to with agricultural machinery and proper understanding of mechanisms.
  • Previous experience in agricultural engineering.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications.
  • Good work ethics.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Click here to see your agricultural engineering job in New Zealand. Hurry up!

Average salary per year : NZ$ 69,619

8. Bio-medical Engineering jobs in New Zealand

Biomedical engineering in New Zealand
Biomedical Engineering

Bio-medical engineers are the persons who design medical equipment and devices to detect medical problems. They have to install, repair, maintain, and adjust the equipment as well. Normally, biomedical engineers are employing by research institutions and laboratories. If you are a biomedical engineer, you can find a job opportunity in New Zealand. It has less communication, but job opportunities are limited.

  • Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering.
  • Previous experience of more than 2+ years.
  • Responsibility to maintain and service equipment.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Those are some requirements of biomedical engineering jobs in New Zealand. But please note that the New Zealand companies are seeking for their residents. But don’t give up and apply for those jobs. Because assume that you are well qualified and you have enough skills. But definitely, they will give priority to your CV. Check from here for biomedical engineering jobs in New Zealand.

Average salary per year : NZ$ 69,187

9. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering  in New Zealand
Mechanical Engineering

This is another job section with the highest salaries. Also, it has a demand for electrical engineering jobs. But you can find a large number of opportunities in New Zealand. And this is also a valuable chance for trainee mechanical engineers. Because some engineering fields are required more than five years of experience. And if you are recently-graduated from a university or engineering college, this will be a great advantage for you. Just find your chance and apply!

Here are some requirements that you need to fulfill before applying.

  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent qualifications.
  • A well understanding of industrial control processes and automation.
  • 3D CAD concepts and usage.
  • 2D mechanical drafting.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to work with engineering calculations. 

So build your personality as well as qualifications. It will be a great advantage, same as your CV. If you are from overseas, most of the companies invite you to participate in online interviews as well. Check mechanical engineering jobs in New Zealand from here.

Average salary per year : NZ$ 65,945

10. Chemical Engineering jobs in New Zealand

Chemical engineering jobs in New Zealand
Chemical Engineering

A chemical engineer has to help to implement engineer solutions for the company. And he is also responsible for the process designing, implementation of the manufacturing process, operating and handling chemical processes. And chemical engineers must improve capacity, reduce production costs, and improve sustainability. So that is not much competitive than other engineering jobs. But the number of job offers are not higher than other engineering jobs in New Zealand.

Simply, we can identify some of the job requirements as following :

  • Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering/ chemical and process engineering.
  • Previous experience in relevant industrial fields.
  • Ability to improve existing production procedures.
  • Ability to work independently in projects.
  • Must be able to reduce the production cost.

Visit to see chemical engineering jobs in New Zealand from here.

Average salary per year : NZ$ 61,042

Those are the 10 top engineering job opportunities in New Zealand. But please note that some job opportunities are limited only to NZ residents and employees who have a valid working visa. As we discussed working in New Zealand and working holiday visa in New Zealand in our previous articles.

And I have mentioned average salary scales regarding each job in the article. So the source for that was So you can refer to it further. Finally, what I want to tell you is to be qualified. But not only from academic certificates but also from practical skills. All industries are seeking experienced workers. So if you build your skills, demand is building around you automatically. Be focused on job requirements. So then make your skills according to them. Finally, I wish you all the best for your engineering future in New Zealand!.

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