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Top 10 Jobs in New Zealand with the highest salary scales

New Zealand is a popular destination for working, living, and studying. Its working freedom and friendly environment are helped people to achieve their dreams. Therefore thousands of people apply annually for jobs in New Zealand.

Jobs in New Zealand are highly demanded?

Mostly, New Zealand jobs have a high salary scale. It will depend on your skills. In the present, every professional have a chance for the New Zealand job market. Some times it may difficult to find the correct one. Therefore read the article till the end to get an idea for which one will match your skills.

Jobs in New Zealand – Top 10 highest paying jobs

01. System Architect

System architects develop computer systems and computer networks for organizations. He could be able to design an architecture for a system. It must match the client requirements. Mainly it is an IT-related field. You must need a good knowledge of computer software and hardware. To reach a higher salary, You should have excellent practical skills.

System architect jobs in New Zealand have a high salary scale in present. It is nearly NZ$ 128 000. A combination of talents and qualifications will grow your salary.

02. Actuary

An actuary can deal with risk management in financial systems. So they can analyze and estimate the impacts of finance. If you are searching for the highest paying jobs in New Zealand, this may be the best choice for you. Firstly, you have to qualified in the relevant field. Then you can apply for the membership of the New Zealand Society of Actuaries. The average salary will be nearly NZ$ 125 000.

03. Real State Agent

Real state business has become popular in New Zealand these days. It is a profitable business than other businesses. Normally New Zealand has less population by comparing it with the land size. There fore real state agents can do their business with a high-profit margin. You don’t need to buy properties. You can sell them as a broker. Thousands of people are moving to New Zealand annually from various countries. They are looking for houses. Then real state agents can sell properties to matching their budgets.

If you can invest a large scale of money, you can buy properties and rent out. Before you become a real state agent, you have to apply for the Real State License. It will issue by the Real State Authority of New Zealand. Approximately, the income of a real estate agent is nearly more than NZ$ 123 000.

Real state business agent
Real State Agent Jobs in New Zealand

04. Accountant

Now you will ask how accountants can earn more than engineers. It is not at all. But you have to know a qualified accountant in the financial section can earn more than an engineer. Some times it will depend on the seniority in the field. If you are a fresher, don’t mind. You can work hard and get qualified. The salary scale is about NZ$ 121 000 in 2020, according to the rankings.

Even if you are a charted accountant, you may have to sit for an exam in New Zealand. With this certification, you can practice as an accountant in New Zealand.

Accountant Jobs in New Zealand
Accountant Jobs in New Zealand

05. Engineer

Engineer jobs in New Zealand can be a common category. But when we come to all engineer fields, you can earn more than NZ$ 118 500 in 2020. Because the count of engineers is not much higher in New Zealand, there is a demand for engineers. Oil and gas engineers, electrical and electronic Engineers, Telecommunication engineers, Chemical and process engineers, and civil engineers are the top paid engineering jobs in New Zealand. Salary will depend on your academic qualifications and your industrial experience.

Oil and gas engineer is the highest-paid category from them. New Zealand has several oil fields that are still active. Therefore it has a high salary demand for oil and gas engineers in New Zealand than Arabic oil-producing countries.

Engineers Jobs in New Zealand
Engineering Jobs in New Zealand

06. Construction Manager

Construction Projects must be handled by a construction professional from the beginning. So construction managers are the professionals who guide these projects. Construction managers have the power to control all sections of the project. They estimate schedules and guide projects. If you can apply for a construction manager job in New Zealand, your income will be more than NZ$ 118 000. Mostly, Chinese professionals move to New Zealand as construction managers. Jobs will depend on your academic qualifications and the experiences in the construction field.

07. Investment Banker

Investment banker jobs in New Zealand can earn more than NZ$ 115 000 in 2020. So it is an another demanded job category in New Zealand. Mainly investment banks will help the government and companies to grow their stocks and money. So investment bankers are the consultants in this process. They can increase their salary with bonuses. Otherwise, this is a difficult and responsible carrier. You must be well qualified in the banking and financial industry to apply for investment banker jobs in New Zealand.

Investment banker reading
Investment Banker Jobs in New Zealand

08. Software Engineering

Software engineering jobs in New Zealand have become a major roll in the IT industry. Now it is a fast-growing industry in every country. Instead of using traditional systems, new IT-related technologies can be used. If you have programming skills with an academic qualification, you could find a job easily. Other than academic certification, skills are the most important thing in the IT industry. You may have to face a practical interview also. So it is required to develop your practical skills. If you are graduated recently, you can focus on your practical skills. Qualified Software Engineers can earn more than NZ$ 113 000.

Mostly Indian teens apply for Software Engineering jobs. However, you can try for Hardware Engineer, Network Engineer, Web Developer positions also.

Software engineering skilled teen
Software Engineering Jobs in New Zealand

09. Lawyer

Lawyer jobs play a main part in every industry. Other than that all most every industry needs a legal consultation. So everyone will need legal support in our lives. We have to get a consultation from a lawyer. It is common for every country. Therefore jobs in the low field will never go down. It demands every day. If you can register as a lawyer in New Zealand, it may become a good investment.

When it comes to the salary scale, it is nearly more than NZ$ 112 000. When you are moving from another country, you may have to sit for an exam. It will depend on your qualifications.

10. Management Consultant Jobs in New Zealand

If you can be a Management Consultant in New Zealand, you will be able to earn more than NZ$ 111 000. But you will need an excellent knowledge of consulting. Especially in the career management consulting field, there are many chances for professionals. Even if you are a trainee, you can earn more than 40 000$ at the beginning.

Jobs in New Zealand are highly dependent on the skills. Relevant qualifications also needed. If you are interested in management consulting jobs in New Zealand, you can register at the IMCNZ (Institute of Management Consultants New Zealand). After, you can apply for the certification of Certified Management Consultant. It is an internationally recognized certificate.

Consultant in management field
Management Consultant Jobs in New Zealand

Jobs in New Zealand – Finding and applying

Firstly, if you are planning to move to New Zealand for a job, you have to apply for a job visa. Otherwise, if you are thinking about settling in New Zealand you can apply for a resident visa. Move to New Zealand is easier with a work visa. Mostly, People apply for a work visa to work for some year. After the score is completed, they can apply for permanent residence.

Simply, this is a basic explanation of jobs with the highest salary scales. The article resource is You can also visit job vacancies and recruitment websites from here. Finally, good luck with your dream job in New Zealand.

Jobs in New Zealand – video guide

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