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Do you know about New Zealand Auckland?

Auckland is the most crowded city in New Zealand. It is located on the North Island. The population of Auckland is nearly 1,467,800. Auckland is also called as Tāmaki Makaurau. Especially Auckland is a multicultural city. But it is the home for thousands of Polynesian people. Area of the Auckland is about 1,086 km². If you live in Auckland in New Zealand, you can reach beaches within half an hour. There are two harbors in Auckland. They are Manukau and Waitematā.

New Zealand Auckland time

Time in New Zealand has divided into two time zones. Including Auckland city, main islands in New Zealand use Standard Time or NZST. Generally, it is calculated by adding 12 hours to the UTC(Coordinated Universal Time). (UTC+12:00) But in summer seasons, it may change. At that time, it is calculated by adding 13 hours to UTC(UTC+13:00).

CHAST or Chatham Standard Time use in the Chatham Islands. For that, 12 hours and 45 minutes should add to the UTC(UTC+12:45). In summer months, it may change and need to add 13 hours and 45 minutes to the ahead(UTC+13:45). To check the current time in New Zealand, click here.

Whether in Auckland

The New Zealand landscape is different. So it belongs to the oceanic climate. For this reason, Auckland can identify as the warmest center in New Zealand. But the annual sunshine hours will be 2,003.1. According to the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, the average maximum daily Auckland temperature is 23.7 °C (74.7 °F). There is no snowfall in Auckland city. Because of the highest population, Auckland is suffering from air pollution. But the overall whether in New Zealand Auckland is most suitable for living than urban cities of other countries.

Foods in Auckland

If you are a food lover, New Zealand Auckland will be a paradise for you. Also, Auckland wines are award-winning wines in the world. So you can try various foods from cafes and hotels everywhere in Auckland. Especially, Hangi is a Maori traditional food in Auckland. Also, Whitebait is the most priced and delicious seafood in Auckland. Otherwise fresh spices in New Zealand will increase the taste of the food.

Auckland New Zealand foods
Food in Auckland New Zealand

New Zealand Auckland population

As mentioned earlier, the population of Auckland is nearly 1,467,800. Because of immigration and natural reasons, the population density will change. According to the New Zealand Council, 33% of New Zealanders are living in Auckland. Annually, thousands of Asians move to Auckland for studies and jobs. Also, people from the US and European countries move to Auckland for living. On the other hand, Auckland has a peaceful environment for living and working. Learn more about living in New Zealand. Annually suggested population increment percentage in Auckland is 17%.

New Zealand Auckland People
Britomart, Auckland

New Zealand Auckland beaches

On the positive side, Auckland beaches have won the attraction of local and foreign tourists. Easily you can reach them from Central Auckland by car. If you don’t familiar with the roads of Auckland, you can follow GPS or Google Maps. Otherwise, you can plan trips with tour guides as well. Here are some beaches on the West Coast, Auckland.

Karekare Beach

Karekare is the most attractive beach in Auckland. So it is full of natural beauty. Have you watched the movie “The Piano”? It is an Oscar-winning film which was made in Karekare. After walking some distance, you can easily reach to the Karekare Falls. Karekare beach is bounded to the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. Also, Karekare beach may ideal for your next family trip.

Karekare beach
Karekare beach Auckland New Zealand

Piha Beach

Piha beach is famous for surfing. So it has a relaxing environment. And this is also ideal to spend your vacation with the family. Furthermore, a small island is located in the middle of the Piha beach.

Piha beach
Piha beach Auckland New Zealand

Bethells Beach

Bethells Beach is also a favorite destination for surfers. And it is smaller than other Auckland beaches. A picturesque lagoon is located near Bethells Beach.

Muriwai Beach

Muriwai beach is a black sand beach with 60 kilometers of coastal line. If you want to feel the fresh wind, there are natural stages in the gannet colony.

Muriwai beach
Muriwai beach Auckland New Zealand

New Zealand Auckland real state

If you move to New Zealand from the USA or another country, you may have to purchase a house. Otherwise, you have to pay for the annex weekly. As a rule, New Zealand citizens only can buy real states in Auckland also. But you can find other investment opportunities in Auckland. Normally, you can buy a house from Auckland for NZ$585,000. After being a New Zealand citizen, you can apply for a loan. It will be an additional advantage of the permanent residence. Click here to check the latest prices of real states in Auckland New Zealand.

New Zealand Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport is the largest and the main airport in New Zealand. Therefore it is a crowded airport in every time. Annually more than 21 million passengers use Auckland airport as their transit. Auckland Airport is located 21 kilometers far from Auckland city. And it has the capability of handling the world’s largest aircraft like Boing 747. Air New Zealand is the official airline in New Zealand.

New Zealand Auckland Airport
New Zealand Auckland Airport

Volcanos in Auckland

Mainly, Auckland has 48 volcanos. They build a uniquely spectacular view. Maungawhau, Maungakiekie, and Rangitoto Island are three main volcanos in Auckland. But they are not active at present.

Mt Eden volcano, Auckland
Mt Eden, Auckland

New Zealand Auckland hotels

If you are planning to trip to Auckland in New Zealand, you will search for a hotel for accommodation. You may have to consider your budget. Here are some list of hotels and their lowest prices. But these prices may change according to seasonal conditions.

  • Hilton Auckland – $120
  • Auckland City Hotel – $53
  • SkyCity Grand Hotel – $113
  • Hotel DeBrett – $132
  • Kiwi International – $26
  • Columbia Apartments – $30
  • Skycity – $114
  • Cordis, Auckland by Langham Hospital – $105
  • Greenlane Motel $52Parakai Springs Lodge – $93

In addition to this, check your hotel partner will provide you free cancellation. Book your hotel now.

Universities in Auckland

There are two universities and some small campuses in the heart of Auckland. Auckland city is well organized and connected with busses and trains. Therefore students don’t have to waste their time on transportation. Auckland has a peaceful educational background. So there will be no racism. Students from every religion can work together. 

University Campuses

University of Auckland
University of Auckland

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