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7 Secrets About Study In New Zealand

My name is Neha. I live in New Zealand. And I recently completed masters of international tourism management at Auckland University of technology. So I’m going to talk about some important stuff that will be useful for those who are planning to study in New Zealand or even who are currently studying in New Zealand. Living abroad can be intimidating overwhelming at times, especially if you are an international student, and it’s your first time away from your home country. It’s a whole new world and, you have to blend yourself in it and, you have to adapt yourself to so many new things. So I have mentioned some useful stuff for you from my experience which I think will going to help you.

study in New Zealand
Study in New Zealand


Another important thing that you have to consider is the visa. Once you receive an admission letter from your university, make sure you apply for a student visa immediately without wasting any time because the visa approval procedure can be complex than you expected. So do it on time. So you reach new Zealand before your course start.


If you are looking for accommodation in New Zealand, there are lots of websites. is the best website to find apartments or flats. And I would suggest you that get a place which is close to your university or college because you don’t waste too much time traveling. And as a student, your life becomes busy. You have to complete your assignments on time. And you have to attend your classes or lectures. And also on top of that, you have to cook your food. So it’s better if you stay closer to your university or college.

Study in New Zealand
Study in New Zealand

3.Study in New Zealand – Orientation

Just before your classes start, maybe a week before, the college gives you an important orientation program. It shows you around the campus and, it will give you the basic important information that will be very useful for you.

4.Study in New Zealand – Assignments

You have to complete all your assignments on time. And it can get stressful at times because you know as an international student, you are completely new to the education system in New Zealand. Also, the study pattern is very important. So it takes time for you to involve in. So if you feel like you are unable to understand a few things from your study or hard time writing your assignments. Just go and talk to your professor. I will tell you one thing. The professors are amazing, and they are super friendly. They always ready to help. So just go to them and talk about whatever problem you have and they will give a solution for you.

5.Study in New Zealand – Part-time jobs

You need to have a part-time job as a student because there are so many expenses that you have to take care of. For example, pay your rents, pay your electricity bill, and also the grocery. So these are the very basic things that you need to have ready for.

Not just the money you get to learn a lot of things from your job. You get to know the work culture in New Zealand. And you get to meet a lot of different people, and it will be a great experience for you. Getting a job in New Zealand is not very easy. It can take a long time. So make sure you keep on looking for jobs, keep on applying, and start this process soon after you arrive in New Zealand. There are lots of job search websites in new Zealand. You just have to sign their newsletters. You can see plenty of job lists shown on them.

I will highly suggest you that participate in volunteering activities as much as possible because volunteering is a very much appreciated thing in new Zealand. When you looking for a job, they ask you whether you have done any volunteer activities. And if you have any good volunteering experience, it definitely will be an added advantage for your job. shopping

Grocery and Shopping
Grocery and Shopping

Another very important point is buying your groceries. So in New Zealand, you have different kinds of supermarkets such as countdown, new world, etc. From my experience, you will need to buy groceries every 4 to 5 days. It will depend on your needs.

7.Travel New Zealand

And last but not least. Always keep yourself busy. So you don’t feel homesick. Always work for yourself. You can do many things to have fun in New Zealand. There are lot of adventure sports such as sky diving, water rafting, etc. You can go on road trips with your friends and explore beautiful destinations.

Travel photography
Travel photography

New Zealand is a very beautiful country. So I think this information will help you.

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